The power of in-person job networking

Find out how to make the most of in-person job opportunities with these job networking tips from C+K Careers. 

The internet has completely changed the way we look for jobs, making it easy to access an enormous range of career opportunities and resources all from the comfort of our own homes. But, in the process, is the value of in-person networking starting to get overlooked? Looking for jobs virtually has a lot of great benefits, but there are a lot of excellent benefits to connecting in person too.

In-person job opportunities: what’s available?

In-person job opportunities like job fairs and networking days offer a unique platform where you can connect with potential employers and other like-minded people face-to-face. In-person events mean you could open up more doors to new possibilities when compared to simply applying for jobs online.

Here's a little more about the in-person job opportunities you could take advantage of:

Careers fairs

A job fair is when multiple employers come together in one place to meet with any potential job candidates. If you’re a job hunter, this is a great opportunity to learn more about different companies and their cultures, while making all-important face-to-face connections. At a job fair, you can join in conversations, show your unique skills and get the chance to leave a great impression that might set you apart from the virtual crowd.

Networking events

A networking event is designed to help industry professionals connect in a relaxed atmosphere. Guests are encouraged to chat, exchange ideas and build relationships – which could lead to job opportunities in the future. Joining relevant conversations helps establish you as someone passionate about their field – increasing your visibility to potential employers.

Industry conferences

Industry conferences are a unique opportunity to learn directly from experts in your field. They often feature insightful speakers, discussions and workshops designed to let you know all about the latest industry news. Attending an industry conference not only shows you are committed to developing professionally but is also an easy way to grow your professional network.

Community events

Sometimes, local communities and organisations will host local job fairs or meetings targeted at job hunters in the nearby area. They’re often small, grassroots-style events, but can be great for making new connections and learning about any unique local job opportunities that might not be as widely advertised online.

Recruitment drives and events

Some larger businesses will hold ‘open house’ events or recruitment drives. This is where job seekers are invited to the business’s headquarters to learn more about the company and any roles they are currently hiring for. Attending one of these events allows you to get a strong sense of the workplace culture, and you’ll benefit from personal interactions with existing staff too.

The benefits of in-person job networking

There are so many great benefits to in-person job opportunities and events:

Personal connections. Authentic body language and a warm smile can take you far, and in-person events mean you can show your genuine enthusiasm about a role or company. Online job searches lack the personal touch that might make you stand out.

Expanding your network. Attending face-to-face events can introduce you to a host of new professional connections you wouldn’t have met otherwise. If all goes well, this could lead to potential mentors or even job opportunities in the future.

Insider insights. In-person job events are often attended by industry experts who are there to share valuable insights and knowledge. These insights could provide you with a competitive edge compared to your peers at your next job interview.

Boosted confidence. Practice makes perfect, and in-person interactions help you to practice your professional people skills in a real-world setting. This puts you in a great position for interviews or future meetings with potential employers – you’re likely to feel more comfortable and prepared when it comes to speaking professionally.

Job networking tips: how to make a great impression

Preparation is key when it comes to getting the most out of an in-person networking event. Here are our tips for making an unforgettable first impression:


Take a little time before the event to research the companies attending. Find out more about their history and workplace culture, and importantly, any roles they currently have available. Then, once you’re at the event, you can tailor your approach and make sure you’re showing genuine interest.

Practice your introductions

While it doesn’t necessarily have to be a formal pitch, you should always practice a concise yet memorable introduction you can use at in-person job events. Your introduction should highlight your strengths and career goals. Practice delivering it with energy and confidence.

Dress for success

Always dress in a way that’s appropriate for the event you’re attending. In a corporate setting, business attire is the best way to project professionalism. There are some exceptions – for example, creative fields like the arts might have a little more flexibility to showcase your personality. Still, always opt for clean and well-fitted clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

 Meaningful conversation

Showing genuine interest and asking thoughtful questions will go a very long way at an in-person job event. Don’t forget that networking is a two-way street, and while it’s important to communicate your strengths, it’s just as important to actively listen to those around you.

Follow up and stay connected

After any in-person event, it’s always a good idea to connect with any new contacts you make on a professional platform like LinkedIn. Stay engaged with your growing network by interacting with their posts (when relevant), and you could be front of mind when any potential new opportunities come up.

Stay positive!

Networking events can be intimidating, especially if you’re new to them. Staying positive makes a huge difference! Try to project a positive, confident attitude by smiling and making eye contact. Positive energy is contagious, so you’ll be more memorable and attractive to any new connections.


Your career success isn’t just about your skills and qualifications. While these form the basis of your career journey, it’s also important to make strong connections and leave a great impression on industry peers. In-person job events are the perfect chance to show off your authentic self, engage in conversation with new connections and position yourself as a standout job candidate.


Ready to take your job searching strategy to the next level with in-person networking events? Get in touch to find out more about how our career services can complement your job hunt. Talking to a careers adviser provides the chance for you to discuss your skills, interests and any ideas you might have.

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