How a work placement could benefit your business

Could your business offer a work placement and potentially change the life of a young person?

Gain an extra pair of hands at work and give a student an opportunity that could shape their future. Nexus In-School is a supported learning and employment programme for young people ready to start work, who aren’t yet old enough to leave school.

Do you remember your first experience of working life?

You might remember how the independence made you feel. Perhaps you left school wanting to get started with your chosen job or venture right away? Maybe you weren’t given the opportunity of work experience and you think it would have helped

Every year we speak to young people keen to move on from school and into the workplace. We see first-hand how an early taste of life at work makes a positive difference.

Our Nexus In-School programme allows young people to gain work experience while completing their education. Two days per week are devoted to passing core English and maths GCSEs in school and the remaining three days are spent on work placements. For many students, Nexus In-School becomes one of the most important opportunities of their life.

Get a no cost ‘trial run’ pre-apprenticeship

Gain an extra pair of hands – and make a difference in a young person’s life

We’re looking for businesses and employers to get involved. It’s not an apprenticeship and you won’t need to pay the young person or cover any costs. Many employers successfully use the scheme as a no-cost ‘trial run’ pre-apprenticeship programme.

Employers get to find out if an apprenticeship is right for their business and the placement period can be viewed as an extended job interview for potential candidates.

The placement is for one academic year, and we are looking for local businesses, in particular construction businesses, to consider offering a work placement to a young person.

Here’s what one employer had to say about their placement student:

“Our current student is a brilliant worker. He pitches in and is happy to do whatever work we ask of him and that’s why we’re looking at offering him an apprenticeship for after his GCSEs.

“I choose Nexus In-School because it is completely funded and is all about the future development of the individual young person. Giving students another way to develop social skills and a way to learn is what the world of work is about.”

Matching you with your ideal student

The success of the scheme is in the time we spend placing the right student with the right employer. We speak to the young people about the roles and industries of interest to them and we offer employers ongoing support to help them get established.

What are the students like?

  • They want jobs and to earn money after leaving school
  • Some students do not see the relevance to their future of completing a full timetable of GCSE’s, and so are less engaged in learning
  • Some students feel undervalued
  • Some come from very disadvantaged backgrounds and Nexus In-School helps to improve their future chances
  • Often their frustration about school has led to poor behaviour choices and low attendance. This can be changed, and the Nexus In-School scheme can help to change it

Support throughout the process

Taking on a work placement student is a great opportunity to add to your workforce. But it does require consideration and ongoing support. Our Nexus In-School team supports you every step of the way. You have a dedicated mentor, and we work with you to get your student set up within their role and arrange practical details like travel and workwear.

What support do employers get?

  • A dedicated mentor to support every student and their employer throughout the year.
  • If needed, we advise which tasks and responsibilities your student can take on, making sure the student has a meaningful placement and you have a productive team member!
  • Nexus In-School provides appropriate workwear, safety footwear, and other required PPE meaning there is no cost to you.
  • We provide travel vouchers for students at no cost to you.
  • We can help you set up an apprenticeship (if you choose to offer your student one)
  • We can connect you to C+K’s Recruitline service – a free vacancy advertising platform.
  • You can take part in careers-related events, bringing you face to face with the next generation of apprentices, employees and graduates.

Here’s what one employer had to say about the process:

“The Nexus In-School team look carefully at matching the student to the correct placement and employer. The staff are honest, open, and approachable and they visit regularly to check on the progress and development of the student.”

Be the start a young person needs

Over the years we have seen countless young people transform their lives through the scheme. Not every young person is suited to continuing in education, and we believe they should be given a chance to succeed. Developing work-based skills helps them thrive and grow, turning them into enthusiastic, hardworking, and confident young employees.

Employers have told us they don’t know how they coped without their student!

  • Why support Nexus In-School?
  • Be part of changing a young person’s life
  • Gain an extra pair of hands for your business
  • Begin to train a young person without the financial cost of wages, with no obligation to keep them beyond the trial period
  • Mentor and train a young person in your trade or profession
  • Gain a potential apprentice, knowing the young person already has experience
  • Give something back to the local community

Can your business get involved?

There’s no obligation for your business to get involved, but we know just how beneficial the programme has been for the businesses and companies we have worked with. If you would like more information or to speak with one of our team, get in touch. We’d love to hear about your business and tell you more about the process. Contact our team by calling 01484 242000 or email

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