Case study - Employability for under 16s

Barnsley Summer 2014 InternsSummer Holiday Internship 2015


Early in 2015, Barnsley MBC North Area Council recommissioned a Summer Holiday Internship programme focusing on employability skills for under 16s.  The purpose of the programme was ‘providing knowledge and greater understanding of the work environment and allowing young people to experience a work placement and benefit from preparation workshops, thus improving their employment prospects’. 


C&K Careers was awarded a contract to deliver the programme.

We worked with six schools in Barnsley - delivering the programme to over 100 Year 10 students. Initial careers guidance sessions in school were followed, in the summer holidays, by employability training workshops and week-long work placements.

C&K Careers staff worked on tailoring the workshops, which prepared students for their placements, around individual students needs. 

A celebration event took place at Shaw Lane Sports Club where students shared their experiences and were awarded certificates by North Area Councillors.  A full evaluation was carried out, with all students reporting increases in scores in their baseline assessments against the Barnsley 'I Know I Can' competencies.


Barnsley internship video from C&K Careers

At the end of the project students had a five year plan to help them on their 'career' journey.

"The pre-placement training taught me how to present myself and be better at communicating and using my initiative." A student.

"Work experience has helped my future plans and is relevant to my job interests." A student

"A brilliant student – very hard working. Very impressed with him giving up holidays to do it. Would give him a job if a position comes up." An employer.

"Taken a really keen interest in the business and great attitude. It has been a pleasure having her working with us." An employer.

The graph below shows the difference the Internship made to students taking part

I know I can competency graph 2014


School Feedback
Feedback from schools also demonstrates that the project has impacted on students’ confidence in their abilities and engaged them in striving for a positive destination.

"The Internships as far as the students were concerned, was a fabulous experience. Every student said that they enjoyed it. They were very happy with what they had produced in the workshops and felt that they were able to use this effectively in the future with regards to progressing into employment. On my visits to the workshops the students were very focussed on what they were doing, but enjoying the activities at the same time. The work experience aspect was also very much enjoyed by all students and many felt that they had learnt a good deal from the experience. Many had returned to school with a heightened sense of confidence in their abilities and I am sure that this will bode well for the future for them."


The success of the North Area Summer Holiday Internship has led a number of Barnsley Area Councils to re-commission it.  C&K Careers has delivered this successful programme twice and hopes to do so again in the future.

For further information:

Contact: Joel, Project Co-ordinator  
Call: 01484 225500
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Case study - Benefit and impact of careers guidance

Benefits and impacts 350C&K Careers works with young people in care


K is 17 and is in the Care of his Local Authority.

  • He is a full-time pupil in a very small school with just three other pupils.
  • The other pupils were younger than K and two of the pupils have learning difficulties.


C&K Careers' adviser met with K in school to discuss his future:

  • The careers adviser felt K would benefit from a construction skills course with more emphasis on practical learning to go alongside his current more academic route in school.
  • He also thought K would benefit from being in a learning environment with students of a similar age and ability.
  • Discussions were held with the school and the care home management before making arrangements to visit a suitable training provider.
  • The visit went well and the additional learning support manager felt that following a risk assessment, the college could meet K’s support needs.
  • K was interviewed for the course and offered a September 2013 start.


The headteacher at K's school is delighted with the impact that this development has had on K. He is:

  • Demonstrating much more maturity
  • Responding well to the therapeutic work he undertakes at the care home.
  • Been allowed to have contact with his family, which in turn has further improved his morale and his willingness to engage in therapy.


K is really enjoying the course and is performing well:

  • The college think K is probably the best student on the course.
  • The whole cycle is positive and the Headteacher believes that the catalyst for this transformation has been the CEIAG work undertaken with K.


K hopes to pursue a career in construction.

Case study - Working with the Roma community

Roma-girl 350

C&K Careers, along with Careers Europe, successfully obtained LSIS Equality and Diversity funding to work with the West Yorkshire Roma community.


Since EU enlargement in 2004 and 2007, a number of local Roma communities formed in West Yorkshire:

  • In Bradford, 800 Roma used the National Careers Service during 2011-12.
  • Specific issues related to the Roma group were identified as limiting progression.
  • A service tailored to the specific needs of Roma clients was either not provided or was very limited, often because advisers lacked awareness and/or practical knowledge.


The Enabling Roma Project aimed to:

  • Identify the main challenges that Roma clients have to overcome as job seekers.
  • Characterise the Roma specific needs and identify the training needs of professionals providing careers advice.
  • Develop resources to help advisers at the National Careers Service better understand Roma issues.
  • Increase the number of Roma customers accessing the National Careers Service.
  • Disseminate the project resources to over 200 advisers.
  • Contribute to the Equality Duty’s aim to advance equality of opportunity for specific target groups.


  • Better equipped National Careers Service advisers in the Yorkshire and the Humber region, with a wider knowledge of specific Roma needs and issues.
  • Supported advisers to help and encourage the increasing number of job seekers from the Roma target group to integrate into work, cultural and societal contexts.
  • Encouraged Roma clients to access the National Careers Service for guidance, practical information and finding employment.
  • Met the 'Equality, Duty and LSIS’ project themes by embedding Equality and Diversity activities for Roma clients with the National Careers Service. 
  • Produced a project report on the findings, an adviser guide and two short films, one in Slovak and one in Czech, both with English subtitles
  • Promoted the project at three national events and a number of local meetings.


C&K Careers, on behalf of the National Careers Service, will:

  • Continue to disseminate the findings throughout 2013 and into 2014.
  • Measure the impact the Enabling Roma project has had on the West Yorkshire Roma community.

For further information:

Contact: Julie, Information Services Manager
Call: 01484 225500
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Case study - Supporting schools to develop links with employers

Almondbury Year 7 students at the University of HuddersfieldC&K Careers supported a local school to develop links with employers bringing the world of work closer to the classroom


A local 11 to 16 secondary school sought our help to raise the aspirations of students:

  • The school wanted to develop links with employers and the world of work.
  • There was a need for positive role models, who would come into school to talk about their experience after leaving school.


To support the school in identifying employers and arranging visits by small numbers of students to the workplace:

  • Year 7 students visited a local college and the University of Huddersfield to find out more about opportunities in further and higher education.
  • Arranged for role models (some of whom  used to attend the school) to talk to students about their experiences of work.
  • Organised a mentoring scheme involving adults from the local community and workplaces to support students in transition post 16.


The school now has:

  • Strong links with a bank of employers.
  • A number of trained mentors available to support young people.


The school plans to:

  • Build on these established links.
  • Embed the links with employers and the support from mentors into the curriculum.

Case study - Tackling sixth form and college drop out

Girl writing 350C&K Careers has developed a 'Risk of Drop Out Indicator' with its further education partners.


All Year 11s, around 7,000 young people, have close contact with careers advisers in Calderdale and Kirklees schools to support them into appropriate learning options and enable them to progress in the long term:

  • Around 96% of Year 11 leavers in Calderdale and Kirklees make successful transitions into learning.
  • Of the 96%,  not all will stay in learning, many drop out during the crucial first term for a variety of reasons.


C&K Careers and its further education partners worked together to develop a ‘Risk of Drop Out Indicator' for 2013 Leavers to:

  • Target young people at risk of dropping out.
  • Offer them the right support, so they remain in further education.
  • Discuss alternative learning options, where it becomes necessary.


  • Just over 10% of 2013 Year 11 leavers were identified by careers advisers in schools as needing additional support during that vital first term in further education.
  • From September, using the new 'Risk of Drop Out Indicator', careers advisers are now able to refer 2013 leavers at risk of dropping out to careers advisers working in post 16 institutions.
  • Careers advisers working in colleges and sixth forms are working with their contacts in further education to provide timely, bespoke support to these 'at risk' young people.


It is early days but it is hoped that:

  • Fewer young people will drop out of learning and become NEET because of the additional early support received.
  • Schools will be able to reduce their NEET figures.
  • Colleges will be able to improve their retention rates.

A report, both quantitative and qualitative, on the impact of this new initiative will be produced later in 2013 and again in spring 2014.

For further information:

Contact: Louise or Sally, Education Team Managers
Call: 01484 225500 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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