Case study - Improving employment prospects

Feet of woman climbing ladderC&K Careers offers advice that improves customers' employment prospects


Customer B, an experienced care worker,was keen to progress:

  • Was failing, getting part-time care work only.
  • Lacked the qualifications to move her career forward. 
  • Needed to get relevant qualifications to improve her job prospects.


C&K Careers helped B get the training she needed, the adult careers adviser:

  • Reviewed B's work history and training in the UK and overseas.
  • Identified a Level 2 care course that enabled B to work part-time and get a qualification.
  • Looked at further training and job opportunities opened up by the course.
  • Helped B prepare for interviews and produce a CV.


After completing the course, B:

  • Developed more confidence in herself.
  • Used the Level 2 care qualification to get a place on the NHS Employability Scheme.
  • Then succeeded in getting a job as a health care assistant at a local hospital.


B has much better job prospects, she:

  • Plans to take advantage of future NHS training opportunities.
  • Expects to have much better chances of promotion.

"The adviser was really good for me; she understood my circumstances and was able to help in my present situation.  I found the service very friendly and helpful".

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