Case study - Support for young people with complex needs

Young man-looking-into-fieldsC&K Careers regularly works with young people who have complex needs.


V is a young man with high levels of anxiety and other mental health issues. He is an intelligent young man who attended a mainstream school but whose attendance began to slip as his levels of anxiety and other mental health issues took hold at the beginning of Year 11. 

  • He was unable to attend school for much of the year due to his illness but he still succeeded in obtaining the entry requirements for A levels at Greenhead College, starting the following September. 
  • He then dropped out of Greenhead College and became NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and was receiving support from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services).
  • V was determined to return to advanced level learning but the additional pressure he was putting on himself to do this was having a counterproductive effect on his wellbeing. 


One of our SEND adviser (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities) arranged to see V over a series of home visits to talk at length about his aspirations, his concerns and about the barriers that were in the way of him progressing. 

  • He had the opportunity of returning to Greenhead but there was no evidence of there being any change in the circumstances that led to him being incapacitated a year earlier.
  • The SEND adviser suggested NISAI Virtual Learning for V, which would enable him to study at home. The adviser had concerns this could further isolate V but decided this was the only realistic way in which V could return to learning at this stage in his life. 


Talking with his SEND adviser, V made some commitments to:

  • Try to work on his social phobias. 
  • The adviser made a case for funding to Kirklees Local Authority and V started an A Level programme in September with NISAI. The adviser later arranged for continued funding for the second year of his A levels. V felt strongly that this form of learning has allowed him to access learning that would not otherwise have been available to him.
  • V is studying four A levels and is particularly enjoying history, for which he is predicted to achieve a B grade. English language is looking like a B/C and psychology a D, though V is making rapid progress and hopes this grade will improve. 
  • V was noticeably enthusiastic and more talkative than he had been at previous meetings. V attributes his experiences of NISAI at least in part to his increased confidence and lowering of anxiety levels. 
  • Socially V is now back in touch with old school friends. He has been going often to Huddersfield Town games with them
  • He's joined a local football team and regularly attends training. V has also been going into a local secondary school to read with some of the less able pupils there, something he would have been unable to do a year ago.


V has met with his SEND adviser to:

  • Look at his future career aspirations.
  • V is now aiming to go to university.

V’s mother has told the adviser just how pivotal C&K Career's role had been in helping V to change direction from being NEET and feeling without any hope to making the kind of progress detailed above. 

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