The twelve core principles of our culture

1. Work at Calderdale & Kirklees Careers (C&KC) is based on openness and trust. The Executive Team and managers aim to communicate extensively with all staff - but not overload them. Communication is two-way. Staff should keep managers informed of anything significant and share any issues, problems, difficulties, etc. The aim is to involve staff at all levels. Ideas are valued but it works better if proposals can be pretty well worked through.

2. C&KC is a supportive, non-blame culture employer. There is no need to hide mistakes. We correct them and learn from them. We work as a team.

3. C&KC will at all times do its upmost to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. Managers and staff will be aware of and follow the company's safeguarding policy and procedures.

4. C&KC intends this to be an enjoyable and safe workplace, does not tolerate harassment of any kind, shows respect for all, and preserves the dignity of all. Gossiping about colleagues is not acceptable.

5. C&KC’s reputation is all-important. It is guarded jealously. This is everyone’s responsibility.

6. Partnership is an important part of our work. We aim to be respected and reliable partners and deliverers.

7. Quality of service to clients and to colleagues is of paramount importance. Customer care is about doing the small things, e.g. answering phones quickly and in a friendly, polite, helpful way, as well as the big things. Above all - keep your promises.

8. C&KC puts a lot of store by, and invests heavily in, the development of staff. We hope staff will respond by making the most of these opportunities.

9. It is important to be organised, be up to date and on time, follow the systems, respond quickly and co-operatively to managers’ requests, keep up with emails and use IT effectively.

10. Sickness absence - C&KC is supportive of colleagues when they are ill and makes generous provisions. However, we take a dim view of abuse of sick leave and have systems to deal with it.

11. Use the Intranet - all the company’s documents, terms and conditions, procedures, otes of important meetings, bulletins, are all there.

12. Equal Opportunities is a cornerstone, a fundamental principle.

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