Information, Advice and Guidance for young people (13-19)

Guidance interviewSince 1995, C&K Careers has been delivering high quality, impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) to young people aged between 13 and 19 in schools and colleges, and with training providers. We also support those young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Our professional careers advisers are qualified to level 4 or above in advice and guidance, and experienced in working with young people in all learning environments.

More than 50 schools, colleges and sixth forms commission careers guidance exclusively from C&K Careers.

"C&K Careers bring immense benefits to our school. Our careers adviser is fantastic. She inspires and raises the aspirations of our students and is an integral part of the school's progression and transition activities". matrix Report, January 2016.

We do more than meet targets

We make a positive difference to the lives of young people, allowing them to fulfil their ambitions and achieve their career and learning potential. We do this by helping them to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes to make effective decisions and transitions. We use individual face-to-face interviews and curriculum-focused group work, which complement and enhance careers education programmes. Our advisers are available at crucial transition points in young people's lives, including Key Stage 4, sixth form, exam results and enrolment days.

Examples of expected outcomes for ... young people ... include: motivation; self awareness; confidence; decision making and transition skills. ... Young people ... clearly described the service they were receiving and understood how it will be of benefit to them. ... Action planning is bespoke for each individual and action plans are written in motivational language with SMART targets. matrix report, January 2016.

"We (the 6th form) have worked very closely with our adviser - I have to say he has been absolutely brilliant. He has been pro-active in setting up meetings with students, even those who have left us, and is always on hand for meetings in the 6th form. He has arranged times where he has stationed himself in the 6th form open space and is very approachable." Assistant principal - 6th form, Trinity Academy 2015.

“Our careers adviser continues to be an amazing practitioner who has a great relationship with staff and students at BHS. She provides a very thorough service and always makes full use of her time and skills in school & college. The termly reports as well as regular email updates mean that she communicates well and keep the careers team fully appraised of her work and case load. She is flexible and always willing to go above and beyond especially when it comes to Super Learning Days.” Head of IAG/CPD, Brighouse High School 2015.

We always evidence the impact we have on young people's decision making, self-motivation and progression so our partners can be sure of getting effective, value for money services.

"Our advisers have worked exceptionally hard to provide the school and pupils with impartial advice. They have had a significant impact on the destination outcomes for our learners."
Deputy head, Rastrick High School 2015.

Customised service

None of our solutions are off-the-shelf. We work with each school, college and training provider to create a careers programme tailored to its particular requirements. What's more, our quality-assured CEIAG services comply fully with the matrix Standard and include:

Careers learning support programme

  • review of current CEIAG provision
  • design and delivery of a tailored CEIAG programme
  • accredited CEIAG training for careers coordinators, teachers and trainers
  • assessment of your CEIAG against C&K Careers' highly regarded Quality Standard

"We very much value the C&K Careers service. It is an essential part of the fabric of the school." Assistant Head of 11-18 school.

Individual face-to-face careers interviews

  • by qualified careers guidance professionals

In our recent surveys, most young people expressed the need for face-to-face careers guidance

Curriculum-focused group work

  • complementing and enhancing careers education programmes

Targeted support for special groups

  • vulnerable groups, students with special educational needs and/or disabilities, looked-after children, those at risk of dropping out, pupil referral units, Gifted & Talented students, Oxbridge candidates...

Help and advice for parents

  • parents' evenings, specialist area-wide events, presentations, one-to-ones at important progression points, including Key Stage 4 and post-16 opportunities

"You've worked extremely hard for and with our son – your communication with me has been fantastic. I'm most impressed with your service." Parent of student.

Only buy what you need

Our services are flexibly packaged, so you simply choose the ones that you and your students require. To help you decide what you need, we will review your current provision and suggest how it could be developed:

  • We will provide a free assessment of the careers education, information, advice and guidance programme already in place.
  • We will then recommend the package of services that will produce the best outcomes and will fit within your budget, however large or small.

We have extensive knowledge and insights into the labour market, further and higher education, community organisations, and local and national training provision. We are able therefore to support young people effectively with decisions and applications for jobs, apprenticeships, training programmes and college and university courses.

Improving participation in learning

Our teams maintain contact with school leavers through a variety of ways (face-to-face, by phone, text, email, social media and outreach) to ensure they continue to receive help and support into education, employment or training. As well as interviews and group work, we have also organised 'Not Sorted, Get Sorted' and 'Take Me On' events.

'Measurable aims and objectives are contained with[in] all school and college Service Level Agreements ... the September guarantee ... With targets of 99.1% (Calderdale Year 11) and 97.7% (Kirklees Year 11) both were achieved [in 2015] with 99.3% and 98.2% respectively.' matrix report, January 2016.

Read about the strategy we employed in one school.

In the 2014 annual Year 11 survey, student satisfaction rates were 97% in Kirklees and 94% in Calderdale.

...Our 2014 Calderdale Leavers 97% of the 2014 Leavers (2,716 students) progressed into learning after year 11. The 3% (82 students) that didn’t progress into learning at that stage have been closely supported by C&K Careers advisers and local partners.
...and 2 terms on: 97% of our 2014 Leavers are in employment, education or training of which the majority are in FE and apprenticeships.

...97.25% of the 2014 Kirklees leavers (4,712 students) progressed into learning after year 11. The 2.75% (118 students) that didn’t progress into learning at that stage have been closely supported by C&K Careers advisers and local partners
...and 2 terms on: 96% of our 2014 Leavers are in employment, education or training of which the majority are in FE and apprenticeships

The drop out rate from learning in Calderdale has averaged 1.5% at this crucial stage, the majority of whom have been picked up by C&K Careers and supported back into alternative learning.

In 2013/14, we supported 4,265 young people in Calderdale and Kirklees to find employment and training and dealt with 749 vacancies.

We improve participation in learning and progression at Key Stages 4 and 5 – at March 2014 the percentage of 16-18 young people in learning was 89.1% for Kirklees and 89.7% for Calderdale.

For a free assessment of your careers provision or further information:

Contact: Sally or Louise, Education Team Managers
Call: 01484 225500
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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